What is Silverguard ?

SilverGuard provides antimicrobial protection for your clothing, bedding, carpets, curtains and matresses - continually from the time you apply it, until you next wash it or spray it.

Available in both laundry additive and spray version, SilverGuard helps protect you and those that you come into contact with from cross infection.

Tested both independently and within a clinical NHS environment, SilverGuard has been proven to inhibit the growth of MRSA and E-coli by up to 99.9%, thus reducing the risk of infection.

With every order SilverGuard will send you a free copy of "mrsa-supports" handy information booklet containing useful advice. Silverguard is a trading name of Ioma Clothing Company Limited based in Speke, Liverpool. England. Silverguard can now be purchased on our website @ www.iomaclothing.co.uk

Latest News

Silverguard is now offering additional savings for corporate buyers You can purchase Silverguard in bulk quantites and save. Buy 6 and save 10% Buy 12 and save 16% Buy 24 and save 21% There is also Free Delivery when you spend more than £100