MRSA is a very real threat to all of us.

If visiting a hospital or being admitted as a patient, SilverGuard antimicobial protection should be applied to all clothing, nightwear, slippers, gowns and bed sheets to inhibit the growth and reduce bacteria by up to 99.9% until the next wash.

    • SilverGuard compliments good hygiene practices of regular cleaning, washing at 65 degrees or more to ensure thermal disinfection and antibacterial hand gells and creams.
    • Bacteria in the home is not always a problem that we are aware of but it does manifest itself in effects such as skin disorders, allergies, odours, mould and mildew.
    • For as little as 50p per domestic wash load SilverGuard can help to protect your families clothing, towelling and bedding from over 50 common and sometimes deadly bacteria. There is no need for you to buy “Silver Pyjamas” or expensive “Silver” branded clothing when SilverGuard does the same job more conveniently and effectively.

Whilst SilverGuard is extremely effective against bacteria it does not directly “Kill” bed bugs and dust mites. It does, however, deprive these nasty little squatters of their food source (dead skin) which is only edible once bacteria have broken it down into manageable pieces. SilverGuard does reduce the population of dust mites by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in and around your bed and soft furnishings.

Bedroom and bathroom

SilverGuard antimicrobial wash additive is available in convenient and handy 500 ml wash additive and trigger spray formats for all of your bed sheets, pillow cases, clothing, nightwear and mattress needs. The trigger spray format has the same active ingredient as the wash additive which may cause the trigger to “stick” after a few applications. It is advisable to rinse the trigger with warm water every now and again to prevent this from happening.


Visiting someone in hospital ?

Reduce the risk of hospital acquired infection. Reduce the risk of acquiring MRSA. Reduce the risk of cross contamination and cross infection and the very real and highly publicised “Superbug”. Protect yourself and the person you are visiting by adding SilverGuard to the rinse cycle of the garments you will be wearing when you visit the hospital, nursing home or surgery.


Going into hospital as a patient ?

SilverGuard has been independently tested,(both domestically and within an NHS clinical environment) validated and certificated to reduce levels of bacteria including MRSA, MSSA, Salmonella and many more harmful bacteria by 99.9% in a domestic wash load of textiles containing pyjamas, towels, sheets, slippers and dressing gown until the next wash. This test was conducted to represent a range of textiles that one might be required to take into a care home, hospital or hospice upon initial submission. Protection levels remain in place until the next wash.

SilverGuard reduces bacterial growth and therefore colonisation levels.


Be safer with SilverGuard

Safe, sensible, ethical and pure

  • SilverGuard is safe to the environment.
  • SilverGuard has been independently tested by leading U.K laboratories.
  • SilverGuard is toxicologically safe.
  • SilverGuard’s active ingredient has class 3 rapid review panel approval .

Some other general points

  • We always strive to please and welcome customer feedback.
  • We are continually improving our product range and your input is welcomed.