Sports and Leisure


MRSA in the community is a very real and growing problem.

Whilst most concern is centred around contact sports and those activities where minor cuts and grazes may occur, there is evidence that shows that towels, clothing and footwear should be protected by antimicrobial agents in order to actively reduce the risk of contamination / infection both between humans and animals such as horses, dogs and cats. By inhibiting the growth of bacteria on a 24/7 basis, SilverGuard helps to reduce this risk.


    • Most sports activities involve sports clothing, footwear and sometimes head protection. SilverGuard has been scientifically developed to provide anti-odour, anti-fungal and antimicrobial protection where and when it is needed most.
    • It is needed all of the time as your sports kit often sits around in kit bags, the boot of your car or locker until it is needed. SilverGuard provides continued protection 24/7 between washes.
    • Training shoes and footwear, if sprayed with SilverGuard when they are new, will not smell thereafter if sprayed regularly. Old trainers and shoes that already smell can be washed or sprayed with SilverGuard which will prevent the development of new odours and continually reduce existing odours


  • Most locker room and sports clothing and textile products such as towels will develop bacterial colonies because the warm and damp conditions are ideal for them. SilverGuard will continually inhibit the growth of these bacteria and create a fresh, odour free experience with a much lower risk of cross contamination
  • SilverGuard sprays are ideal for kit bags, footwear and headwear.
  • SilverGuard laundry additive is ideal for sports clothing and towelling.


Base layer clothing and sports/gym kit.

It is important that base layer clothing should be clean and fresh at all times if you are going to perform at your very best.

Training shoes and footwear.

It is important to maintain good foot hygiene to prevent conditions such as athletes foot.

Athletes foot can be prevented by wearing socks and footwear protected by SilverGuard . SilverGuard inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause fungal growth and complies with Oeko-Tex standard 100.

Protective headwear

SilverGuard helmet spray is ideal for cycle helmets, equestrian helmets and most protective helmets with textile linings. Reducing the levels of bacteria by up to 99.9%, gives a cleaner, safer and fresher experience. Whilst sharing personal use items such as helmets, towels and footwear is not recommended it is not always possible to avoid. SilverGuard is your second line of defence in such circumstances.